New Business Develop­ment Pharma

Market Evaluation

In an ever changing environment with technological innovations and dynamic markets, continuous evaluation of new markets is a key factor for sustainable success.

Selectchemie unites know-how about the latest innovation in production technologies, molecules and ingredients and market development to provide you with the best support for your business. For example, linking up-to-date knowledge about drug molecules going off-patent and changing market needs allows for an evaluation and development of high-potential markets for your benefit.

Our scientific and commercial experts are always on the pulse of the market and rely on an extensive network – including renowned manufacturers and authorities. That makes us, together with our innovative spirit, your optimal partner to set off for new shores with your products.

Product Development

Changing market needs, technological progress or changes in regulations and standards require constant modification and innovation in order to adapt to the new business environment.

Our experienced business development team is always searching for partners to develop the formulations of tomorrow. Selectchemie builds a strong network of customers, manufacturers, dossier developers, finished forms manufacturers as well as license holders to develop new products tailored to the needs of the dynamic markets our customers are supplying.

We can provide you with tailor-made support to develop and market new products and move your business forward by fulfilling our function as knowledge hub, linking know-how on the latest on molecules, market development and regulatory requirements for your success.

Supply Chain Management

The path from idea to market success requires, next to commitment and resources, an efficient management of interfaces between all the parties involved along the supply chain.

Selectchemie supports an extensive network of established and long-term connections to service providers along the value chain of our customers. Brought together with our process know-how and facilities such as warehouse and logistics infrastructure, we can make sure that everything runs at most efficiency and to the benefit of all parties.

From the idea to the market – Selectchemie creates more value in the supply chain; from dossier development through strategic sourcing and regulatory affairs to marketing and supply.

Project Management

Project management is more than just administration; it is essential for an efficient, focused and successful project execution.

With a team of experienced and highly motivated experts, Selectchemie offers a comprehensive, transparent project management including consulting for intellectual property (IP) and risk management.

Our long-term experience and extensive network worldwide make us your reliable partner for efficient and straightforward project management.

Dossier Projects

The following dossiers are available for in-licensing or in development*:

  • Caspofungin, 50mg & 70mg vials, EU-CTD dossier available
  • Anidulafungin, 100mg vials, EU-CTD dossier available
  • Micafungin, 50mg & 100mg vials, EU-CTD dossier in development
  • Etoricoxib, 30mg, 60mg, 90mg & 120mg film-coated tablets, EU-CTD dossier available
  • Tigecycline, 50mg vials, EU-CTD dossier available

* None of the products will be offered for sale or supply to countries in which they were affected by valid and effective patent in force.